Few good links from 2005

Here are few great links I’ve found recently on this page.


First one is about 13 things in science that don’t make sense.
My favorites on this article are:
Placebo Effect is shown to be not the state of mind but biochemical effect?
Pioneer Anomaly: unknown gravitational effect is speeding-up the Pioneer probes and throwing them off-track?
Wow Signal: In 1977, a bit more then 42 days before I was born strange pulse signal was received in narrow range of 1420 MHz from direction of Sagittarius.

Artist Banksy is planting his own artwork in famous museums and galleries

How to escape the Big Freeze (when stars and galaxies become very distant and all fuel of stars has become exhausted)? Is it scientifically possible? And should we care at all?

And while we are on the subject of cosmic catastrophes here’s a long list of how to destroy the Earth or how to move it, just in case you ever need to do this (like if you are late for the very good party or you just want to get back on someone).

Calculating size of Jesus, based on wine and bread on communions – or The God is great and by great I mean very, very large.

And now few links about one of the most popular and controversial themes of 2005: Evolution vs Intelligent Design.

Request to teach another alternative theory to evolution… or how world was created by spaghetti-eating monster.

Devolution and Why accepting ID would be catastrophic (both articles make excellent reading).

List of 40 things that can happen only in movies (yes, we’ve seen these before, but this one is cute) and let’s add this one to it:

Recreating famous Rocky scene in real-world.

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