Encarta® Instant Answers

Ok – this is neat: you can add Encarta to your MSN Messenger budy list by adding address encarta@conversagent.com. Then you can ask it simple questions like:
  • Calculator questions: (1+5*8+1, sqrt(3), simple equations: x^2+sqrt(3)=4 etc)
  • Geographical questions: "Where is Belgrade?" (it can show you the map), "What is population of Serbia?", etc.
  • History questions: "When did Tito die?", "Who was the first king of Serbia?" (uses search), "Who was Zoran Djindjic?", etc.
  • Help: "?", "Who are you?" 

Now – some content is restricted – for MSN Encarta Premium only, but it is still interesanting toy.


megame says:

Who are conversagent.com?

Encarta® Instant Answers says:

The Conversagent Web site is here. —>



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