Running Without the Pagefile!

It seams that if you have more than 768MB of RAM you might be able to turn off Windows pagefile and gain some performance and extend notebook battery life.
Windows, even if you have enough free RAM pages out parts of the memory which it finds that not needed there and then uses that space for caching or just keeps it free for running programs. And this is one more thing: Windows needs to keep as much as possible free continued memory blocks (example: you can have more than enough memory for allocation of 10 MB block of memory, but if it is not in a single piece/block allocation will fail).
There are also Windows APIs which require paging file (CreateFileMapping), and I’m not too sure how they will work…
Anyway, I’m testing it on my notebook to see what kind of results I can get. So far I’ve been able to run Outlook, Visual Studio 2005 EE C#+Web, MSDN, SharpReader, few instances of IE(with tabs), Power Calculator, Notepad, MSN Messenger 7.5 and it all works just fine. Maybe a bit faster… There’s less disk activity…
I’ve also attached snapshot of Task Manager – performance page, which shows pagefile usage!?
Update: After few days I’ve expirienced that some programs tend to just shutdown after system has been left running for few (12+) hours. 512 MB is just not enough… back to the pagefile for me.

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