Battlestar Galatica

My latest obsession is Battlestar Galactica (currently available in Serbia only via Bit-Torent and eMule broadcasting networks, which is a shame). This is (IMHO) one of the rare good Sci-Fi shows on at the moment; I love it (almost) 100% and recommend it to anyone with at least slight interest in this genre.

The story is about humans being almost wiped-out by robots, and handful of survivors running for their lives, chasing legendary thirteenth colony of man: Earth.
Yup – plot seams to be weak (this is a re-make of 1970’s show) – at least in a way which I’ve described it, but realization of the show is makes up for it all.

Show features a lot of progressive frcoklas:
– Music score is mostly very original – which transfers you to a bit alien atmosphere.
– Camera moves are very jerky and help realism – bringing a kind of news-reporter-action-style, but it gets better when this is used in special-effects scenes: then it brings much more credibility to computer-generated images, and makes effects more subtle.
– Casting
– Twists in the plot and characters from the original
– Blogs to talk with authors, and podcast for every epozode

Few links:
Theology of Battlestar Galactica:

So, what do you think about new Battlestar Galactica?
Did you like music from the old show better?
Do you think story is lame? What about casting?


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