This has got to be the most useful Microsoft PowerToy up-to-date. It allows synchronization of pair of folders (which can be on different computers, of course).
Ever since I have had first problems with my Notebook, I’ve realized that backing-up data to desktop is needed. Backup tools are just not enough user-friendly and flexible enough (for me).
What I did is set up several pairs of folders:
– My Documents
– Favorites
– …
This allows me to surf net from any computer and freely save links or pages on local computer, knowing that SyncToy will make certain that I have these files on both computers. Now I’m trying to find a way to expand this functionality to sync data for several different programs and code.
Flexibility is a part of a package – there are many options, which are clearly laid-out.
Check it out (download and use for free), but beware: it says v1 beta!
PS: Did you know there is a “replace.exe” in Windows XP:
Replaces files.
REPLACE [drive1:][path1]filename [drive2:][path2] [/A] [/P] [/R] [/W]
REPLACE [drive1:][path1]filename [drive2:][path2] [/P] [/R] [/S] [/W] [/U]
  [drive1:][path1]filename Specifies the source file or files.
  [drive2:][path2]         Specifies the directory where files are to be
  /A                       Adds new files to destination directory. Cannot
                           use with /S or /U switches.
  /P                       Prompts for confirmation before replacing a file or
                           adding a source file.
  /R                       Replaces read-only files as well as unprotected
  /S                       Replaces files in all subdirectories of the
                           destination directory. Cannot use with the /A
  /W                       Waits for you to insert a disk before beginning.
  /U                       Replaces (updates) only files that are older than
                           source files. Cannot use with the /A switch.

2 thoughts on “SyncToy

  1. Pozdrav Ivane, možda imam jedan neobičan upit ali zanima me trebam li imati original windowse na laptopu s obzirom da je država uređena?

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