Send Error Report?

I have actively used Windows XP since it entered Release Candidate phase, and every time “Error has occurred” dialog I’ve simply dismissed it. What good it can do to me? Why should I care? It seams to me that I’ve come under (anti) M$ paranoia: the less Microsoft knows about me – the safer I am.
Now, while waking-up my notebook from suspended state, I’ve encountered BSOD. I personally consider BSOD worst kind of pop-up, so after rebooting I decided to try to send report to Microsoft – finally I’ve pressed “Send Error Report” and found new (to me) functionality.
First dialog appeared asking me to connect to internet, then progress dialog sending data, and then new browser window, which I’ve almost closed, expecting “thank you… we hope… best wishes… rest in peace” formal dialog, which would demonstrate that cold corporate Microsoft interface towards its customers.
Instead I’ve got this:

Solution found: contact Intel® Corporation to obtain the update

Problem description

Thank you for submitting an error report. The error was likely caused by Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI adapter software (w70n51.sys).


Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI adapter software (w70n51.sys) was created by Intel® Corporation. Intel® Corporation informed Microsoft that they have a solution available for the problem you reported. To learn more about the solution, Intel® Corporation recommends that you visit the following website…

I’ve noticed this tendency for OS to find solutions to problem in Windows Vista – it has "find solutions" thingy, which collects all crashes and even slow response problems, does basic analysis and then searches (and hopefully finds) solutions on net. Nice trend.

3 thoughts on “Send Error Report?

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