Windows Vista

Microsoft has announced that the name for the next generation of Windows OS (code-named Longhorn) will be Windows Vista. Official site is on-line and can be found at .
There where rumors about schedule:
Beta 1: 27. July 2005
Beta 2: 16. November 2005
Release Candidate: 17. March 2006
Release: 28. Jun 2006
But as you can read on official site even beta 1 date is wrong – “Beta 1, targeted at developers and IT professionals, will be available by August 3rd 2005.”


As someone on slashdot had noticed – Windows Vista can be shortened to Windows VI which can stand for Windows 6 (roman numerals), which is version expected (XP was 5.1, and this is a major release so – 6.0).


Why "Vista" and not Windows 2006 or Windows FX?

1) What does "Vista" mean?


-A distant view or prospect, especially one seen through an opening, as between rows of buildings or trees.
-An avenue or other passage affording such a view.
-An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects; a broad mental view: “the deep and sweeping vistas these pioneering critics opened up” (Arthur C. Danto).
– The visual percept of a region; "the most desirable feature of the park are the beautiful views"
[Italian, from feminine past participle of vedere, to see, from Latin vidre.]


2) Why not Windows 2006?

It seams that naming home-user products with release year inside the name would make that product seam like obsolete next year or two – Windows XP was released in 2002 (if I’m not mistaking) and it does not sound as outdated. Windows 2003 is server product and the target audience has different mindset.


3) What about Windows FX?

It might be that Microsoft is trying to bring more life to its product names and FX sounds a bit cold?


What do you think of chosen name?


PS: Look what people are doing to get Windows Vista (Longhorn) Beta:


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