Out of computers

This morning, in monumental display of stupidity and bad luck (which is usually Darwin Awards mix) I left myself without any computers. Just few months ago I had two – now one is broken and the other is very efficiently killed.
I’ve left my computer to download several Channel 9 videos over the night, and when I woke up I found out BSOD on my Windows XP! I’m not a kind of guy to take BSOD likely and dismiss it with “ah it’s the Microsoft product, what did you expect” – because on Windows XP (2000, 2003) systems these should be very rare to non-existent (which where in my case so far).
1) Write down STOP code and arguments.
2) Use MSDN: “Unhandled kernel exception” – first code said “Access Violation” – suggestion – check hardware
3) Take suspicious hardware out – in my case K-Word TV tuner. Now, I did not have time, so I did leave it hanging in the case, while I tried-out system stability.
Can you guess the rest? Or is the hint: “don’t move that coaxial TV cable while computer is still on” enough?

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