Frustrated by WPA

I’ve just received my Gericom Blockbuster Advance notebook from service – and it took more than a month! And like that’s not enough – now I can’t use it – because it says that my Windows needs to be activated! Ok, I know how it works – it looks activation to several hardware signatures and since motherboard was replaced, several hardware ids have been changed, which requires me to re-activate my Windows copy. Which is all ok, and I’m down with it – but they’ve removed option of activating over the internet service and now I have to activate it using phone. And I have to wait some more because here in Serbia their call-center works from 8:30 to 16:30. Currently modem is answering and I can’t beep on those frequencies – I’ve tried it.


Ok – this is a bottom line – in Serbia (and rest of third world) piracy is a problem for Microsoft, but it does not help to make it hard for users to use software legally. I would not have any of these problems if I where using Windows Pro XP (notebook came with Home edition) with warez product key. They do not require activation. Do pirates have to be more user-friendly?


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