Few months ago Rory introduced NeoWikiDiki "A totally unreliable dictionary", and it’s a shame its not updated more often, because it has some great definitions. Like these:

Cat (N.) –

Pronunciation: kat


1. A thing that is expensive, ungrateful, throws up a lot, and is mostly evil. (See also: significant other)

2. Not a dog.

Individual (?) –

Pronounciation: in-div-idge-yew-al

Definition: The attempt to be different by being like everyone else.

Firefox –

Pronuncation: fie-ur-fox

Definition: An web browser currently used by 98% of the world. As a user of Firefox, your hair will grow back (on your back), you will get a high paying job and girls will look at you once in a while. Also, you can browse with your mouse and click on some tabs to see things. Rory uses it at night when no one is looking.

Definition: The answer to all your computer problems such as: spyware, viruses, hacking. Upon installing Firefox you will no longer require firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Firefox is not only a browser but also a total security solution.

Definition: A fully featured porn history hiding tool – your girlfriend will never stumble across your filthy habits in the Internet Explorer history again!

Internet Explorer (?) –

Pronounciation: sux

Definition: An ancient browser used by an extinct alien race. We can tell by the strange symbols left behind on some pots this once majestic race used to store their oodles of cash that it was used to pass germs and viruses around the alien community in some kind of technological warfare game these particular aliens enjoyed.

Definition: A small executable shell written to host an HTML parser and rendering engine. Originally, this engine was to be the core of many great operating system features, but since it was found to contain problems, a campaign was launched to prevent that sort of thing from happening. Now it’s known as InfoPath, RSSBandit, and Media Center.

Linux (n.) –

Pronunciation: Lie-Nucks, Lee-Nucks, Lin-ucks

Definition: An "operating system" in which the source code is available to anyone. Most people who read the source are looking for dirty words, though a few people actually contribute dirty words back to the community.

Definition: A Wiki OS

Windows (n.)

Pronunciation: win-doze, or win-duhs when pronounced by George Dub’yuh

Definition: A set of apperatuses that allows one to see thru walls.

Definition: An operating system that frequently ceases to operate when you operate on the system.

Definition: The catalyst to the BSOD.

Definition: What you wish you were running when you work in Linux.

Definition: A mumps like virus that has invaded Bill Gates wallet causing it to swell beyond porportion.

Definition: A thirty-two bit extension and graphical shell to a sixteen-bit patch to an eight-bit operating system originally coded for a four-bit microprocessor which was written by a two-bit company that can’t stand one bit of competition.

Check it out


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