Books we love to hate in silver

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (or H2G2) is finally brought to us as as a movie. And like any other book being made into film, people are taking sides – some will praise it as a good movie, the others will think it sucks. Usually the greatest fans of the book will be the most disappointed ones. And this is a kind of book with some of the most die-hard fans in existence (Now, I’m not going to review this movie, since I haven’t seen it yet, but bear with me, I’m getting to the point ). Nerds get so carried away with this book that there are even those who believe it should be part of general culture and that those who:

  • do not know what 42 is
  • why towels are important to hitchhiker
  • what babel fish is
  • what is a trick to flying
  • etc. (feel free to add your own)

are in some way inferior, and should be generally avoided, publicly humiliated or at least thrown out of flying armed cocktail parties. These people tend to be very hard to get along with, like pushing their own agenda (this book) onto others – their victims. I’m one of those people. And since tomorrow is my victim’s birthday I bought him a copy of The Book (no, I’m not terribly religious , why do you ask?).

Now, Danko is:

– a tolerant kind of a person (he is dating a geography teacher for nine years – sorry Maria AND he is hanging out with me – for reasons known only to his psychiatrist)

– a superb nerd (he’s in MENSA, and computers and if that doesn’t convince you – just look at the picture )

– mostly harmless

 Happy birthday, Danko!

PS: Being a nerd wasn’t something to brag about in high school (especially if you’ve ever wanted to have a girl friend, or at least not to get your ass kicked), but I think of Internet as a huge nerd support group.


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