Another usage for blog #74

 You can use blog to keep all of your friends up to date with whatever is happening in your life. Or, if nothing is happening in your life you can lie about some pretty interesting things that are happening to you and use blog as evidence that things have happened.

 And then, when you meet your friends in the city or at some party, instead of answering to “So what is happening in your life” in same, boring way as everyone else, you can proudly say – “Read about it on my blog” and smile (possibly walk away). This is guarantied to make you very popular.

 Back in ‘95~’96 when I was in Kansas, all of my friends (back here in Serbia ), wanted me to write to them letters ( snail-mail, since very few had access to Internet); which I hated (not only because of my horrible handwriting). Why repeat time and time again everything: how I am, what I’m doing, what’s the USA like… So I had an idea: I’m going to type a letter on PC, make fun but not very personal log and FAQ and send them each autographed copy!

 Idea was brilliant – everybody was so pleased with letter they’ve received… until they showed each other what they’ve received. Then they where not so pleased. They promised that they where going to lynch me. They sent me their ideas about how I can entertain myself with AC, sharp objects, tall buildings, trains, etc.

 But now, with years of experience behind me, I can safely say I know where I’ve went wrong: I needed a blog!


One thought on “Another usage for blog #74

  1. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog – you have great taste in books I can tell. Hitchhikers unite! I see you also like cats and computers. Hmm… are you me? :-)

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